“Homing Beacon Drugs” that Target Only Prostate Cancer Cells are developed by Researchers

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Researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada are currently developing new types of drugs which are aimed at destroying only prostate cancer cells in the course of therapy and treatment.

This is an important research and if these drugs come to be, then the side effects of known treatments like chemotherapy would be thing of the past.

The findings of this research have been published on the journal,”Nano Letters”. The Medical researcher leading the team of researchers is John Lewis. He is a Chair of the Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research with the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry in the University of Alberta, Canada.

The new drugs being developed are expected to kill prostate cancer cells and leave out healthy ones. By this, the side effects that are associated with treatments like chemotherapies are avoided. For instance, it is expected that when these drugs gets into the body, they will selectively find proteins that occur in only cancer cells including those of cells that have escaped from the tumor site.  With great expectations, cancers that have multiplied throughout the body are targeted.

Skin problems, hair loss, immune system problems, and nausea etc are some of the common side effects of the chemotherapy drugs used these days but with these new drugs that are developed with the help of nano-technology.

John Lewis is also an associate professor in the Department of Oncology, a Fellow with the National Institute for Nanotechnology at the U of A and director of the Translational Prostate Cancer Research Group.

Conclusively, the effects of these drugs can very help to increase the treatments of prostate cancer in many people. The researchers concluded “If we can use ‘smart’ drugs that home in on tumors, we can dramatically decrease side effects for patients, lower the chance of recurrence, and hopefully increase the cancer survival rate.” More details on this research can be accessed at sciencecodex.com

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