High Fat Diet May Promote Prostate Cancer – A Japanese Study

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A study carried out on mice which were fed with high fat diet revealed the prostate cancer cells in these creatures proliferated.

This has led the researchers to suggest that high fat diet could possibly increase the risk of prostate cancer compared to high carbohydrate diet. The research was conducted by experts from the Akita University Graduate School of Medicine in Akita, Japan.

Details of this research are highlighted in the following recently published online extract at the food consumer website. You are sure to find it an interesting reading:

A new study in the Prostate suggests that a high fat diet can be more potent promoter for prostate cancer progression than a high carbohydrate diet and a normal diet.

Shintaro Narita of Akita University Graduate School of Medicine in Akita, Japan and colleagues conducted the study and found tumor growth was significantly faster in mice with implanted prostate cancer cells that ate a high fat diet (HFD), compared to a control diet (CD) and a high carbohydrate diet (HCD).

A few biomarkers indicative of prostate cancer progression including the serum monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), CC chemokine receptor 2 (CCR2) and activated Akt were also higher in mice eating the high fat diet, compared to those on the control diet and high carbohydrate diet.

Also, serum from mice fed on the high fat diet were found to boost the proliferation of  two prostate cancer cells and CCR2 knockdown inhibited high fat diet induced proliferation of prostate cancer cells.

The researchers concluded “An HFD enhanced prostate cancer cell growth more strongly than an HCD or CD. MCP-1/CCR2 signaling may be involved in an HFD-induced prostate cancer progression.”

It is not immediately known what high carbohydrate diet was used in the study.  It is known though added sugar should not be part of a healthy diet while whole grains, an abundant source of carbohydrates, should be included in such a diet. Source.

This is not the first time high fat diet is linked with cancer of the prostate. With this new study, a new focus is likely to be placed on what men should eat so as to lower their risk of being diagnosed of this cancer.

Understanding the difference between high fat diet(HFD) and High Carbohydrate Diet(HCD) will go a long way to help men get prevent the risk of this disease which has been estimated to kill 30,000 men in the United States.

Further investigation of this research on humans is still needed to validate the conclusions reached.

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