Herbal Breakthrough For Prostate Cancer – The Journey So Far

Most medical personnel are realistic enough to agree that there is more than one single group of ways by which most diseases can be treated, and some may even go as far as to suggest them for a number of their patients. This even could hardly be truer generally than it is with prostate cancer, a disease that is so common, yet one about which so little is understood.

Even as you read, cancer specialists still do not know what the specific cause is for prostate disease, and most will readily admit that there isn’t such a thing as a guaranteed cure for the disease. And that is why several are quick to make a clean breast with the fact that there are other techniques ? alternative medicine ? by which the disease can be treated.

In recent times various breakthroughs have been made, particularly in the realm of herbal medicine, which has shed new light on the potential for actually curing prostate cancer. For instance the saw palmetto, a small palm with spiny leaves, has been found to posses healing powers that not only slow the progression of prostate kind of cancer in several patients, but also helps in a big way to prevent the occurrence of the disease in people who are already prone to it. Today, several oncologists recommend it as a necessary part of a prostate nourishing nutritional program that needs to go along with whatever other treatment they recommend.

Lycopene also has been discovered, a simple chemical substance that is abundant in tomatoes and several other red pigmented fruits and vegetables. The substance has been shown to have very powerful and impressive antioxidant properties that go a long way in aiding also in the prevention of the disease. Antioxidants prevent the harmful oxidation of free radicals in the body that could hinder the general state of health of a patient.

Perhaps the most exciting herbal breakthrough for prostate cancer, and also the most recent, is the discovery of capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chemical from peppers, a colorless compound that is found in hot peppers and used in making food flavoring. Recent discoveries showed that capsaicin has the ability to cause cancer type of prostate cells in the advanced stages of the disease to undergo the programmed apoptosis that they should have done before they started to mutate and multiply in the first instance.

And there are others, such as selenium and substances found in vegetable oils. Many of them are still in clinical trials, but some are already being used actively in the treatment of the disease in various parts of the world. Unfortunately they are not approved for such a use in America, but then they are still sold as food supplements. That’s good enough for me, and the doctors would readily agree.

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