Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy Uses Combined Procedure for Accurate Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

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A German Clinic, Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy is now specialized in the use of combination of ultra-modern imaging procedures to detect cancer of the prostate more accurately.

This means that diagnoses of prostate cancer would be less invasive and will involve minimal removal of tissues — biopsies. This is good news for men and doctors involved in diagnosing and treating cancer of the prostate.

Limitations of traditional methods of treating prostate cancer

Traditionally, prostate cancer is diagnosed by carrying out a blood test to find determine the level of the prostate specific antigen test. The PSA test may be followed by other procedure like Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) and Biopsy (in which tissues are extracted from the cells of the prostate gland to be examined under a microscope). The outcome of these procedures are not usually accurate and this lead to misdiagnosis and the risk of unnecessary treatment procedures.

An online publication of PR Newswire November 21, 2012 stated that a prostate carcinoma is certainly difficult to detect, as it is very small in the early stages and difficult to palpate in early cancer diagnosis. Even a blood test that confirms the presence of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA value) provides no guarantee, but is at best an indication of carcinosis. Additional examinations such as elastography and the PCA3 test should be carried out to confirm that cancer is suspected before a biopsy is performed.

Better diagnosis with new combination approach 

To achieve a less invasive and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer, Urologists at the Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy combines the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and “a millimetre-accurate grid known as a template to detect the cancer. With this procedure suspect tissues are accessed and removed easily.

Benefits of the new diagnostic procedure

From the publication: The main advantage of the combination procedure is that the combination of information from the magnetic resonance tomography and the ultrasound can target conspicuous groupings very precisely. Internal investigation when cancer is suspected has shown a detection rate of around 90 percent. More so, the procedure exposes the body to less blood poisoning and infection which could be associated with the biopsy.

Conclusively, the Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy is now specialized in this effective diagnostic treatment which readily is non-invasive and offers more accurate results. Doctors and clinicians may consider using this technique to detect prostate cancer at a more accurate rate.

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