Gold Nanoparticles – New Diagnostic Tool for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer researchers often have difficulties discovering the aggressiveness of the tumor on the gland. This often leads to recommendation of radical treatments to get rid of localized prostate cancer. However, with the issue of side effects and the urge of less invasive treatment, it becomes necessary that new diagnostic approaches be developed. Luckily, a group of researchers lead by Dr Qun “Treen” Huo has discovered a new diagnostic method that can help in detecting the aggressiveness of prostate cancer so that treating the disease would be easier. This research result revealed the importance of Gold Nanoparticles in diagnosing aggressive cancer in the blood. A report on this scientific study is quoted below:

A research team led by Qun “Treen” Huo from the University of Central Florida NanoScience Technology Center has developed a more accurate test that not only diagnoses the presence of prostate cancer but also the level of aggressiveness of the cancer, thus paving the way to treat the cancer more effectively.

Finding out the level of aggressiveness of the prostate cancer may eliminate the unnecessary removal of the gland and help physicians to treat their patients with other less radical options.

In the test, the research team uses gold nanoparticles that are capable of detecting a particular chemical reaction between the human immunoglobulin G (IgG) and a prostate cancer. Research has demonstrated that IgG tends to attach to the gold nanoparticles’ surface to create a protein corona, which is detectable by the nanoparticle-enabled dynamic light scattering assay (NanoDLSay) technique.

Huo discovered that the presence of cancer cells lead to the destruction of the IgG circulating in the blood and the gold nanoparticles picked up this particular interaction. Utilizing this simple test, she was able to quantitatively assess the level of aggressiveness of the prostate cancer and its capability to metastasize.

Huo stated that that the team tested the novel technique on human and animal blood samples and verified the findings in both human tissue samples and animal models. The team is currently involved in performing a validation analysis with the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. If it is successful, clinical studies can be conducted within 2-3 years and Huo believes to bring the diagnostic tool to the market within 5 years.

The NanoDLSay technique, developed at Huo’s laboratory four years ago, is used for a variety of analyses ranging from the detection of lead in water to detection of cancer in blood. Source.

Conclusively, this could be another breakthrough in prostate cancer research. Dr. Huo and her team in Florida should be provided with all necessary support to facilitate the speedy clinical trials. When validation analysis is concluded on this diagnostic tool, it is believed that more diagnostic options would have been provided for detecting the aggressiveness of cancer originating from the prostate gland. More so, it would still help in facilitating better treatment. We are Wishing Dr. Huo and her team from the University of Central Florida in Orlando success in their research efforts.

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