Getting to Know about Personalized Medicine For Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer affects different men today, and the majority of the victims are those who are aging. Some reliable studies have revealed that 1 in 10 men could be diagnosed with this condition.

The cancer originates from the prostate gland and could spread to other parts of the body. However, for some men, the cancer is slow, while for some others, the cancer could be aggressive.

Because individual case is different, it becomes important to apply personalized medicine for each person’s case. In doing this, understanding the genetic makeup of the person becomes relevant. An article by Smitha Dutt published December 13, 2012 at explains in details on personalized medicine for prostate cancer you should know.

Relevant parts of the article quotes: Personalized medicine is treatment specific for a patient based on his or her genetic makeup.

It doesn’t involve designing a new drug or use of exclusive technology for each individual patient. Instead, with the knowledge of a patient’s genetic makeup, health researchers would like to use the best possible therapy from the array of technologies and drugs to cure them.

Robert Langreth and Michael Waldholz first introduced this concept in 1997. They reported that drug companies in collaboration with academic research institutions were to utilize information from mapping human genes to design drugs that would specifically target disease-causing genes.

The most common example of personalized medicine in cancer has been the Health Canada approval of Herceptin in 1999, to target Her-2 protein in 20% of Her-2 positive breast cancer patients. Additionally, Health Canada, in 2008 approved Vectibix, a drug that targets KRAS protein, in aggressive colorectal cancer patients. This ensures only patients that express the KRAS gene get treated with Vectibix and avoids wasteful treatment of those patients who do not show the same gene characteristic.

This concept virtually makes treating any disease a piece of cake. The reality, however, is quite different. Such a targeted approach will take many years before it begins to take effect.

So, from the facts provided above about personalized medicine on prostate cancer, you could be spurred to begin your treatment based on the fact that your doctors and health care providers understand your genetic makeup.

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