Focal Therapy For Prostate Cancer – How the Procedure is Rapidly Evolving

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There are many treatment procedures for prostate cancer. These are applied in both earlier and advanced stages of the disease.

However, one thing that is common to most of the treatments is that healthy cells near the prostate are often affected in the treatments. This reality often results in some side effects that affects associated with the disease.

Focal therapy is a type of radiation treatment that focuses on the treatment of the exact cells affected by tumor. The following is an online piece that highlights the evolution of the concept of focal therapy for prostate cancer:

ABSTRACT: The landscape of prostate cancer has been rapidly evolving, and technological advances in imaging and biopsy tools offer novel approaches to focal therapy.

In this dynamic environment, the role of focal therapy for prostate cancer is being shaped both by advances in technology and by reconsidering the epidemiological and outcomes data for available treatments. Here we focus on the evolution of the concept of focal therapy and its potential roles in the management of prostate cancer.


Focal therapy for prostate cancer (PCa) is a management concept whereby active therapy is delivered to malignant portion(s) of the gland, eradicating the known and targeted cancer while sparing unaffected tissue and reducing the morbidity of treatment.[1] Whole-gland therapies such as radical prostatectomy and radiation carry a significant burden of side effects, and a concern regarding active surveillance is that it potentially misses the window of opportunity for active treatment and cure.

In contrast, focal therapy—which combines active treatment of the identified clinically significant disease with active surveillance of the remaining unaffected prostate tissue—offers an intermediate means of active management of PCa with potentially better-preserved quality of life for the patient.

The landscape of prostate cancer management has been rapidly evolving, with technological advances in imaging and biopsy techniques offering novel tools for focal therapy approaches.[2,3] In this dynamic environment, the role of focal therapy is still being shaped, both by the rapid introduction of new technology and through reconsideration of the evidence regarding the epidemiology of prostate cancer and available treatment options.

Here we will focus on the recent evolution of the concept of focal therapy and the potential applications of this management approach within an array of options currently available for patients with localized PCa. Click here to read the complete extract.

From the above piece, the evolution of the concept of prostate cancer has been highlighted. It all boils down to say that the focal therapy offers much safer form of treatment for prostate cancer than radical prostatectomy and conventional radiation therapy.

The management of prostate cancer via this therapy has proven quite effective and it may seem right that this procedure be advanced so as to treat patients more effectively.

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