Fizzy Drinks Increase Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Men – Study

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If you have not been truly convinced that the continuous intake of fizzy drinks could expose you to health risk, then you may have reason to do away with those drinks now.

This is because, 15-year study conducted by Swedish researchers are suggesting that men who take one fizzy drink a day have a high risk of developing cancer of the prostate. Not just prostate cancer, but the men can develop aggressive form which can increase their risk of death.

The study was comprehensive and has involved the monitoring of the health of about 8,000 men over a 15-year period. The daily eating habits were observed and at the end study the researchers reached the conclusions which have been published online December 7, 2012 in the website.

Excerpts from the website reveal that “What the scientists discovered was quite alarming. Those men who on average drank just one 330-millilitre soft drink a day appeared 40 percent more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.

Noteworthy too, that the cancer was not picked up during standard screening but was diagnosed after the participants showed symptoms of prostate problems, including having difficulty passing urine.

The study showed other possible links between certain foods and increased cancer risk.

Thirty-one percent of subjects who ate large quantities of  rice and pasta develop a milder form of prostate cancer, while  those who frequently ate cakes, biscuits and sugary breakfast cereals went on to develop nonfatal prostate cancers at a rate 38 percent higher than their counterparts. Interestingly, no risk association was found when it came to high fruit juice consumption.”.

The above details is enough to send jitters to the spine of any men who is sincere enough to watch his health. However, a director of Prostate Cancer UK, Dr.Iain Frame was quoted saying “We cannot be certain whether any particular dietary pattern has a significant impact on a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer but it is highly unlikely that any single food source will lead to an increased chance of developing the disease.”

This research is still very significant as it readily helps men to know their risk of getting this disease which about 28170 men would die from this year in the United States.

Men who are 70 years and above are at risk of being diagnosed of this disease but taking fizzy or soft drinks that has more concentration of soda will definitely increase the risk of the men being diagnosed with the aggressive form of prostate cancer.

More details on the Swedish study can be accessed from the article published in December 7, 2012 by Steve Williams.

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