DNA Test Helps to Predict the Outlook for Patients with Prostate Cancer

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Genetic link with prostate cancer is no longer a disputed fact in the medical research. Most researches and studies have validated it. However, a new study is recommending the conduct of DNA blood test for prostate cancer. This is aimed to determine and predict if genetic abnormalities can prompt the relapse of prostate cancer after treatment. This recent study was carried out on men who had previously undergone surgical removal of their prostate gland.

The outcome of the study is something worthy of acknowledging in prostate cancer research. It revealed another angle to the linkage between genetic and prostate cancer. Sections of DNA were found to be missing or repeated in the studies conducted.   Below is an excerpt on the outcome of the new study recommending DNA blood Test for prostate cancer:

“A blood test for men with prostate cancer could detect if the illness is likely to be life-threatening,” the Daily Mail has reported. In some cases prostate cancer can be benign, but in others it can be life-threatening and require treatment such as surgery or chemotherapy.

The news is based on research that looked at whether scanning for genetic abnormalities in various types of tissue could be used to predict whether prostate cancer would rapidly relapse after treatment. To conduct the research, scientists looked at samples of blood, prostate tumours and healthy prostate tissue from 238 men who had undergone surgery to remove their whole prostate gland. They compared genetic differences to the different outcomes the men experienced.

The researchers found that prostate cancer patients had high numbers of genetic mutations called “copy number variations”, in which sections of DNA are abnormally repeated or missing. Particular repeats and deletions were more common in patients who went onto have a rapid relapse, and the size of copy number variations tended to be larger in these patients as well. The researchers then used this information to create prediction models based on the DNA in different types of tissue samples.

This study is exciting because it raises hope that one day a test could help predict the outlook for patients with prostate cancer, which could in turn aid treatment decisions. However, these findings will have to be further validated, and a simple, inexpensive test developed and tested before this is a realistic option for doctors. Click here to read the full extract.

DNA blood test for prostate cancer could be another turning point for prostate cancer research. As mentioned in the above extract, more validation is needed to properly confirm its application. Prognosis or knowing the outlook for prostate cancer is fundamental in provided treatment. This research, if authenticated, can help to predict the outlook or prognosis of prostate cancer more easily.

Conclusively, since DNA is involved in the research, genetic links with the behavior of cancer of the prostate could be predictable. Lets hope that the validation of this study would be fast to offer better treatment for those living with prostate cancer.

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