Dietary Fiber Intake is Inversely Associated with Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

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It is no longer news that prostate cancer could be function of the diet we take. There have been so many studies linking prostate cancer with certain foods that inflame the cells of the body including those of the prostate gland.

A new study by the researchers of the University of South Carolina in Columbia has also added support to other theories pertaining to the diet and risk of prostate cancer.

The new study is suggesting that fiber intake by men is inversely proportionate to the risk of prostate cancer.

The details of the study were recently published in the Renal and Urology News website:

The study, by Fred Tabung, MD, of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, and colleagues included 1,923 PCa patients—930 African Americans and 993 European Americans. The aggressiveness of their cancers were classified as high, intermediate, or low based on Gleason grade, PSA level, and clinical stage. The researchers collected diet information using the modified National Cancer Institute diet history questionnaire. Subjects were asked to recall their usual diet for the year prior to PCa diagnosis.

Overall, compared with men in the lowest tertile of total fiber intake, those in the second and third tertiles had a 30% and 39% decreased likelihood of having high aggressive PCa, the investigators reported online in Prostate Cancer. When stratified by race, the study showed that, among European Americans, patients in the third tertile of total fiber intake had a 56% decreased likelihood of having high aggressive PCa compared with subjects in the lowest tertile. Among African Americans, men in the second tertile had a 43% decreased likelihood of having high aggressive PCa.


So, from the details above, it becomes absolutely relevant to link prostate cancer with dietary fibers. The more you take of these fibers the lesser your risk of getting aggressive prostate cancer.

Inversely, if your diet is comprised less of dietary fibers, then you will have more risk of being diagnosed of this disease.

Other factors like aging, ethnicity, lifestyle, gene, etc also play significant roles in determining if a person will have prostate cancer or not.

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