Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer? You Have Treatment Options with Proven Outcomes

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If you have just being diagnosed with prostate cancer, it would not be surprising if sudden fear creeps into you. The truth is that the ‘cancer’ word is considered deadly.

Men can be diagnosed with this ‘scourge’ if the deadly tumor emanate from the cells of their prostate gland. The cancer in this region is slow growing but can readily can result to death is it becomes aggressive.

There are many treatment options for this condition and these have proven outcomes. However, in the choice of any, certain important factors must be considered for each. Below is a post made by Susan Hemmingway –  a Herald Health correspondent, in Brandenton.com. The post was published January 22, 2013 and has the following details:

 With the many options available for treating prostate cancer, it’s natural for newly diagnosed men to feel bewildered.

They will have to decide between radiation or surgery, and on top of that choose among multiple types of radiation or surgical procedures. There is also a treatment called cryotherapy that freezes the cancer to eradicate it.

And some will have to decide if they need immediate treatment at all or are comfortable with letting their cancer be monitored for signs of growth. Doctors often recommend “active surveillance” for early forms of prostate cancer. The cancer is carefully monitored to see if it progresses; if tests show it’s stable over time, the cancer may be so slow-growing that it’s not a threat.

“It’s very confusing and very frightening to be told you have cancer,” said Paul Zatz, facilitator of the Sarasota Man-to-Man prostate cancer support group.

“You get a handle on the diagnosis and the next thing is what do you do?”

Factors for men to consider: his age, lifestyle, whether he is working or not, the aggressiveness of his cancer, and possible side effects.

One of the conundrums is that when lower-risk forms of prostate cancer are caught in earlier stages, surgery, radiation and cryotherapy offer similar odds of cure.

“The 5-year, 10-year, and 15-year survival rates are very close and that’s why it’s hard to make a decision,” said Sarasota urologist Alan Treiman.

“You have three excellent options and a cure rate of 70 percent or better for all three,” he said.

Treiman encourages patients to consult with specialists in both radiology and surgery to learn more about each type of treatment before making a decision.

“A lot of times, it takes several times of going to different doctors to make a decision about what they want to do,” said Sarasota radiation oncologist Stephen Patrice.

Choices include external beam radiation that requires daily treatments for 40 to 45 days to radioactive seed implants to high-dose radiation and more. Among surgery options to remove the prostate are a nerve-sparing technique to reduce the risk of impotence and robotic-assisted surgery done through small laparoscopic incisions.

Men who are working might steer clear of external beam radiation because they will have to leave their jobs every day for more than a month. Overall health is a factor; some may not be suitable for undergoing anesthesia or surgery.

All options carry a risk of side effects, although side effects aren’t inevitable. Cryotherapy, however, carries the greatest risk for impotence. On the plus side, cryotherapy is an outpatient procedure completed in one appointment.

“Cryotherapy has been around a long time and it’s a very good treatment,” said Treiman. “But most patients will develop ED (erectile dysfunction).”

That wouldn’t be an issue for an older man who already has ED and thus can make an easier choice to pursue the treatment, he added.

Despite all the options, most men make a decision fairly quickly once they are over the shock of diagnosis, said Treiman.

He has noticed that for many men the tipping point in choosing often involves more than just information.

“It’s amazing how guys come around,” said Treiman. Examples include liking the personality of a doctor during a consultation, or knowing a friend who had a particular treatment and did well.

“It’s up to the doctor to explain the pros and cons but basically it’s a personal preference,” said Treiman.

“But this is what we can tell patients … ‘No matter what treatment you decide on, they all have proven outcomes.’ ” Source.

The above piece has elaborative of the different treatment options men can avail to treat thier prostate cancer condition. There are lots of options and these  give hope to the man.

If you have been diagnosed with this  disease, then you can discuss with your doctor to know the best treatment option. Remember, you have more of the decisions to make, and this depends on the information at your disposal.

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