Dallas Raines Advices Men on How to Deal With Prostate Cancer

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ABC 7 Meteorologist Dallas Raines is a prostate cancer survivor and he is using this opportunity to advice men on this disease.

In an online article posted by Denise Dador December 13, 2012 in abclocal.go.com, the experience that this meteorologist has with the prostate cancer was highlighted and provides many men with valuable lessons to learn of the disease.

An excerpt from the online post relates the experience of this met and what lessons men can learn from it.

“It was shocking to be honest,” Raines said. “Because I felt fabulous, and I just couldn’t believe it.”

In 2005, Raines felt he was in the prime of his life.

“Well you eat well, you exercise, but, you know, that can only go so far,” he said.

Raines says his experience and news of Governor Brown’s excellent prostate cancer diagnosis Wednesday reminds men that early detection gives them the luxury of having options. Men’s health experts agree.

An expert in prostate cancer, Drl Shahin Chandrasoma was quoted as saying that: “Prostate cancer is not like breast cancer or colon cancer or pancreatic cancer,” “It’s a very slowly progressive, indolent disease that a patient might not know he has for 10 years.”

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Moreover, Dr Chandrasoma thinks the best treatment option for prostate cancer can best be achieved after discussions with the doctor. Early treatment for this condition may include radiation, surgery or active surveillance.

Finally, Dallas Raines has undergone surgery for his prostate cancer condition.

In the concluding part of the online post describing his experience with prostate cancer, Raines was quoted as saying that “Everybody has anxiety, no matter what you do, because that’s life, because we’re all obeying the second law of thermodynamics, that means we’re all dying,” Raines said. “We just don’t want to die too fast.”

He advises men to discuss frankly with their doctors on diagnoses and best treatments for cancer of the prostate.

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