Colombia’s President out of Hospital and Recovering Fast after Prostate Cancer Surgery

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President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia has successfully being treated of prostate cancer via surgery.

The procedure lasted for about two and half hours and he could be back to presidential responsibilities in a couple of days. The president had announced earlier in the week that has had been diagnosed of prostate cancer which runs in his family.

Doctors at the Fundacion Santa Fe Hospital in Bogota where the treatment was performed confirmed that the prostate surgery had been successful. Details on the developments are provided below:

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is out of the operating room and doctors say surgery performed for his prostate cancer was successful. He is now recovering at the Fundación Santa Fe Hospital in Bogota.

Dr. Adolfo Llinas, medical director of the hospital, said there the two and a half hour operation presented no complications for the 61 year old.

Lead surgeon Felipe Gomez said Santos should be back home in two or three days.

Santos first announced he had prostate cancer to reporters on Monday, stating he had a 97 percent chance of a full recovery. Surgery was performed under local anesthetic to avoid temporarily relinquishing presidential responsibilities.

The news comes two years into Santos’ four-year term and with his government set to begin formal peace talks this month with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) leaders.

When he made announcement, Santos revealed his family has a history of prostate cancer. His older brother, Luis Fernando, had exactly the same operation 14 years ago, “and today is in perfect health,” he noted.

“This could happen to anyone. Prostate cancer is much more common than people imagine. I am calm because this cancer was detected very early thanks to my discipline in repeating medical exams year after year,” he said. Source.

It’s good news that the operation on the president has been successfully carried out without complications. Possibly, one factor that has been responsible for this is because the cancer has been detected as “non aggressive” and still confines in the prostate.

More so, early detection has led to early treatment and this has been possible because of routine medical examination.

Therefore, men who have a family history of prostate cancer should always take steps to ensure that there is increased chance of detecting “slow-killing” cancer early.

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