Celebs Prostrate Cancer – Roll Call Of Prostate Cancer Survivors

If the celebs could do it, so can you; they are flesh and blood like you are, and they were diagnosed with one of the most deadly diseases on the planet (the eleventh most common form of cancer in the world, and the second most common ?among men ? in the United States; not to mention the second most common cause of male cancer deaths in America) just like you were. But they pulled through. This article is a who’s who list of famous prostate cancer survivors that you can emulate and hold on to as you struggle to deal with the disease in your own way.

Robert De Niro, Joe Torre, John Kerry, Colin Powel, Rudy Giuliani, Nelson Mandela, Bob Dole, Harry Belafonte, and Arnold Palmer. These are just a few of the men who have been diagnosed with the debilitating disease over the course of the past two decades. And as you can see, they are all still around.

Let’s begin with Bob De Niro. Most people never even heard that the illustrious actor was diagnosed with the disease; but he was, in 2003. He merely kept it quiet while he underwent a prostatectomy. I hear he’s due out with “Little Fockers” sometime early next year, sequel to the other two grand slams. When former South African president Nelson Mandela was hit with the news in 2001, most would have thought it was the end. But it would take much more than that kind of disease to keep a man down after nearly thirty years of incarceration. The Madibba is pushing ninety at this time, and you can’t keep him quiet. I suppose he beat even the side effects of radiation therapy on his way out!

Joe Torre got the news in ’99 but he never went too public with it either. The former manager of the Yankees reportedly suffered no symptoms, opted for a prostatectomy, and well the rest, as they say, is history. Not quite the same with Ex-New York City Mayor and Nobel Prize winner Rudy; he got the bad news in the middle of a major scandal that was tearing his home and his politics apart. Like that was going to get in his way; even 9/11 only boosted him to even bigger heights. Senator Bob Dole’s surgery was as far back as 1991, but he’s still kicking today, almost twenty years later.

And how about Arnold Palmer, who was back golfing within eight weeks after his radical prostatectomy? Or good Old’ Senator John Kerry, who’s dad had died from the disease only a few years before he was diagnosed. Bet you didn’t see that one coming? Who would have thought he was a survivor all that time he was running for the presidency? He made a full recovery in 2002. Time would hardly permit me to tell of Actor Harry Belafonte who was diagnosed in 1996 and now is an activist for prostate cancer survivorship; and Colin Powel, who had prostatectomy in 2003; and the many others who are merely just keeping it quiet. There are those who died, like Dan Fogelberg, but there are also those who lived. I would rather you focused on those who lived so you can live yourself.

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