Cadmium in Diet Increases Risks of Developing Prostate Cancer – A Swedish Study

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A new study carried out in Sweden has concluded that men who are exposed to diets that contain high level of Cadmium have increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer than those whose diets do not contain the toxic metal.

This finding is to be published in the latest edition of the British Journal of Cancer. However, the investigators have published snippets of this new on the Internet. The following is an article that reveals some quick details on how dietary cadmium raises prostate cancer risk:

Increased dietary intake of cadmium is associated with an elevated risk of prostate cancer (PCa), according to researchers.

In a population-based prospective cohort study 41,089 Swedish men aged 45-79 years, Bettina Julin, PhD, of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and colleagues found that men in the highest tertile of dietary cadmium intake had a 13% increased risk of PCa compared with those in the lowest tertile. The risk for localized, advanced, and fatal PCa was increased by 29%, 5%, and 14%, respectively, the investigators reported online ahead of print in the British Journal of Cancer.

Dr. Julin’s team noted that experimental data suggest that cadmium, which is a toxic metal, is a prostate carcinogen that is widely dispersed in the environment. Farmland has become contaminated with the metal, so food constitutes the main source of exposure in the non-smoking population, they stated. Lung cancer has been linked to occupational exposure to cadmium.

For the study, men were followed from 1998 through 2009. The mean follow-up period was 10.8 years, during which 3,085 PCa cases were diagnosed (894 localized, 794 advanced, and 326 fatal).

The researchers estimated dietary cadmium exposure using food frequency questionnaires that subjects filled out at baseline in 1998. Data on the cadmium contents of foods were provided mainly by the Swedish national Food Agency. Bread, potatoes, and root vegetables were among the main contributors of dietary cadmium. Source.

Cadmium is a toxic metal that is zinc based. Some foods contains high concentration of this metal, and it has been associated with lung cancer, as mentioned in the above except.

This new study is revealing, and can help to further explain the association of diet as a risk factor for cancer of the prostate. If this study is validated in the wider prostate cancer research, then it can help in proffering a lasting treatment or solution to cancer of the prostate.

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