Biopsies for Prostate Cancer And Infections – Shocking Information

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Biopsies for Prostate Cancer And Infections

Like we always say on this website, the beauty with the world today is that there are people who seem to have dedicated themselves to getting to the bottom of this deadly disease called prostate cancer.

Such people spend their time working around the clock looking for solutions and of course carrying out studies upon studies to know what works or what doesn’t work as far as this cancer of the prostate disease is concerned.

In one of such recent research studies, it has been found that there’s a rise in possible infections of serious nature that may even require hospitalization in lots of the men who have prostate biopsies.

WebMD reports more on this in the below news article:

New research raises concerns about a rise in potentially serious infections that require hospitalization in men who have prostate biopsies.

Men in the study who had the biopsies were more than twice as likely as those who didn’t to be hospitalized within the next 30 days for infections, bleeding, or other causes, researchers with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine reported.

Researchers compared the medical records of close to 17,500 men who had prostate biopsies to about 135,000 men with similar characteristics who did not have them.

Within a month of having the procedure, 6.9% of men who had prostate biopsies were hospitalized, compared to 2.9% of non-biopsied men followed over the same time period.

Prostate biopsies are most often performed to confirm or rule out prostate cancer.Researcher Stacy Loeb, MD, who is now an instructor in urology at New York University, says the findings appear to confirm reports of an increase in antibiotic-resistant infections associated with prostate biopsy.

But she adds that the findings should not deter men who need them from having the procedures. Read the full article here.

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