BAYER, the German Pharmaceutical Company Seeks For the Approval of Radium-223 – a Prostate Cancer Drug that Targets Bone Metastases Cancer

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Bayer is seeking approval of it prostate cancer drug from the US and EU regulators. This drug, known as Radium-223, targets bone metastases caused by prostate cancer and which cannot be treated with hormonal therapy.

How will this drug work?

Radium-223(formerly known as Alpharadin) works by making its cancer properties attach to cancerous bone cells. These attachments can later be destroyed by alpha rays. The medication is given as an injection and has proven to be more precise in treating prostate cancer than with the use of traditional radiation therapy. More so, the drug comes with fewer side effects than most of the other prostate cancer medications.

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Apart from the fact that Bayer seeks approval from the relevant regulatory agencies in the US and EU for Radium-223, the company is positive the sale of the drug can generate sales of up to 800 GBP (Great Britain Pounds). A Sky News article published December 14, 2012 reveals the following about the drug:  Last year, Bayer predicted the drug boost to its revenues and labeled the product as “blockbuster”.

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Cancer Research UK said initial results from a trial of Radium-223, which is administered by injection, this year were “very positive”.

There are also trials using the drug for breast cancer that has spread to the bone, the charity added.

In 2009, more than 40,000 UK males were diagnosed with prostate cancer, the most common cancer found in men.

Conclusively, there are lots of positives that this drug is going to be effective in treating men with prostate cancer that has metastasized into the bone.

This can help save many men out there on the verge of dying from this condition.

It has been estimated that one in six men has prostate cancer and approximately 29,000 may die from it this year in the US.

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