Ask Dr Philippa Cheetham: What is the Possible Treatment for Low-Grade Prostate Cancer?

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Low-grade prostate cancer is that cancer which does not pose too much risk for the patient. In most cases, this cancer is still confined within the prostate region and it is slow growing.

With this fact, it travels slow to other parts of the body and the possibility of it damaging healthy cells is low.

Diagnosis can reveal whether a man has low grade prostate cancer or not. If this becomes true, then making decisions about the best treatment becomes the next logical steps to take.

The treatment of prostate cancer can be achieved with different procedures, however there procedures that readily suits low-grade cases. These have been highlighted by Dr. Philippa Cheetham, Board certified Urological Surgeon who answers patients questions on issues related to urology and most especially prostate health.

In answering the above question on what the treatment of low grade prostate cancer would be, Dr. Cheetham reveals that a number of treatments can be administered and these may include:

  • Diet
  • lifestyle change
  • watchful waiting or active surveillance
  • Cryotherapy(freezing of the prostate)
  • HIFU(high intensity focused ultrasound)
  • Cyberknife
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Surgery

There are lots of options for the individuals to be treated of prostate cancer. The effectiveness of each treatment will depend on the how disciplined the individual adhere to the treatment options. More so, working and making the right decision with the doctor will go a long way to help provide you with the right treatment.

Low grade prostate cancer is not aggressive and the prognosis for it is very positive in the long term. Most people may not see symptoms until after many years.However; early diagnosis is an important step in effective treatment. For more answers from Dr Cheetham visit

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