Amarillo Man Encourages other Men to Take Responsibility of their Prostate Cancer Condition

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A support group for prostate cancer meets once every three months to share concerns and experiences of this disease.

The group is hosted by a prostate cancer survivor Dick Miller of Amarillo in Texas. Miller has been a pillar of support and many men living with prostate cancer can really learn from his experience.

What is so special about Dick Miller and Prostate cancer, you may ask?  Well, the truth is that Miller is now 77 and still have a slow growing prostate cancer.

About two decades ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the prognosis then was that he was going to die between 2 and 5 years. Miller is still alive two decades after and he is championing a prostate cancer support group to help men with similar condition as he has to live life to the fullest even with the realization of prostate cancer.

Details of what this support group does have been highlighted in an online publication dated December 6, 2012 by Russel Anglin in  Amarillo Global-News. Excerpts from the online post relate what the support group is all about:

The group meets every three months, and the meetings are open to men who have or had prostate cancer and their spouses or other loved ones, Miller said.

“We never recommend a particular treatment or doctors or anything because we’re not doctors,” Miller said. “We try to just help the men and tell them about the things that are available and then also tell them that, in the end, even though they talk to doctors they’re responsible (for making decisions about their treatment).

“Our motto is ‘Care and share.’”

The above details are encouraging for men who are in one way or the other faced with the prospect of prostate cancer. The lesson from the experience of Miller is that it is possible to live a good life after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. All it takes is for the man to take responsibility of his treatment decisions.

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