Age and Worldwide Prostate Cancer Statistics

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Looking for the prostate cancer statistics or impotence prostate surgery statistics age, or other such related advanced prostate cancer bone metastasis statistics? This article will provide some insights on the subject generally, to help you.

Let’s begin with age, shall we? There are a lot of patients suffering from prostate cancer in the United States, but by this time, it is apparent that it is a condition reserved by nature for old people. Under the age of forty five, there is hardly any prostate cancer patient in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly bound to be more than a few exceptions to the rule, but essentially, folks with prostate cancer are usually from sixty five years of age to older ages. Considering that few Americans are expected to live beyond seventy five, this really does not seem so bad.

Without relish, I must iterate that the foregoing is encouraging in that it means you have the greater part of fifty years to check if you have prostate cancer and to prepare for battling it if it comes. You should however take as many preventive measures as possible.

Alright, let’s look at bleaker prostate cancer statistics, shall we? More than 230,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnoses in the United States each year, and about 27,000 men die from the disease and from related conditions before each year runs out. In the year 2005, about 18% of all the men in the United States had prostate cancer, and by the end of the year, a (not very) good 3% of them were no longer with us. How’s that for the incidence of prostate cancer in the United States?

However, on the flipside, it might excite you to know that a lot more than 90% of all prostate cancer cases in America are diagnosed in the early stages of the syndrome as a result of widespread screening and improved diagnostics. Also, even though one could not boast openly of a cure for any type of cancer, prostate cancer is a slowly progressing malignancy, which so translates into the fact that the five year prognosis for a prostate cancer patient who’s condition has been caught in the early stage is nearly 100%, and the ten year term is easily 93%.

Back to bleak news, prostate cancer is the ninth most common cancer in the world; on a list of over a hundred; that is not very nice. It is also the #1 non skin cancer in United States men. There is also a much higher rate of the disease in the United States and in the developed countries of the West than there is in most undeveloped countries of the world, and the prognosis of it in these parts is also not very good. However, average people with prostate cancer are living every day to tell their stories, I suppose you can be happy about that.

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One Response to “Age and Worldwide Prostate Cancer Statistics”
  1. I appreciated the thrust of your article that indicates that prostate cancer is the leading non-skin cancer in the USA, while it is rarely lethal. The bad news, as your report indicates, is that over 28,000 Americans die of this disease each year and that it’s more prevalent in the West than in the East.

    As I’ve indicated at my blog and in my book (Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life), the number of men who are afflicted with prostate cancer in the USA is diminishing. The total may have been 232,000 a year some three years ago, but the number of new prostate cancer diagnoses this past year was a little over 186,000. Evidently the screening you and I both advocate is paying off in reducing the numbers of those who are saddled with this disease.

    After doing the necessary research for my book I learned that 38% of men who get prostate cancer are Boomers, ages 45 to 64. That means there are close to 40,000 men who get prostate cancer while still middle-aged!

    Also, speaking as a gerontologist, the average lifespan of men today is 78 years, and women 83 years. As men live longer we can expect prostate cancer to be pretty common.

    And is it true as you assert that prostate cancer in men under 45 is rare? Yes and no! I know a few men who were diagnosed at age 41 and had robotic surgery like I did 2 years ago (when I was 63). Even more astonishing are recent scientific findings indicating that a precursor of prostate cancer is evident in many younger men starting at age 20! Of course it’s found in a more full-blown, yet localized or contained manner, – for the most part, in almost all men who reach their 80’s and older.

    As scientists develop better methods of detection and treatment, including robotic surgery and vigilant surveillance (aka, watchful waiting), we should take courage that one day we will conquer prostate cancer completely. We have already begun to do so.

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