Abiraterone Launched in Malaysia – Hope for Prostate Cancer Patients

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Prostate cancer can affect man despite his origin and culture, In Malaysia, many men have been diagnosed of this condition and from the large percentage of those  diagnosed there could be some level of hopelessness. If you are in Malaysia and are facing the reality of prostate cancer, there is hope for better treatment and improved quality of life.

That said, Abiraterone, a new drug that are used to treat metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), has been launched in Malaysia. This drug is said to have the potency of increasing the life expect actions of those whose prostate cancer has progressed to an advanced stage. At the  launch of Abiraterone(also called Zytiga), Dr Albert Lim Kok Hooi an Oncologist Consultant in Malaysia stated that “‘Abiraterone acetate’ can help prevent prostate, adrenal gland and tumor from further producing androgen, by curtailing a critical enzyme, CYP17, in the testosterone synthesis pathway,”.

Abiraterone is made to treat cancer that originates from the prostate gland, and which has resisted first line treatments administered in the form of hormonal treatments.

Hormone treatments are administered to reduce the level of androgen(a male hormone that has been identified to stimulate the growth of prostate cancer. This was confirmed by the Dr. Albert who stated that: “The male body produces the androgen hormone, which stimulates growth and develops male characteristics. It also stimulates the growth of tumour in prostate cancer patients,”

With the use of Abiraterone, androgen is suppressed. However, just like other treatments, Abiraterone come with its side effects or contraindications which include: diarrhea, muscles and joints pain, cough, renal infection, frequent urination, and irregular heart beat. More so, the patient treated with Zytiga may suffer fever symptoms and heartburn. Thus, those that really want to go for this treatment should be ready for the side effects. With the advice from your doctor or healthcare professional, the administration of Abiraterone for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) should be applied.

Consultant Urologist and President of the Malaysia Urological Association, Professor Dr Azad Hassan A.Razack, emphasized to the fact that Abiraterone has really provided   hope for patients whose prostate cancer has really advanced. In an online publication of New Strait Times November 26, 2012, the professor encouraged men in Malaysia to go for early treatment so as to reduce the impact of late treatment. In the publication he was quoted: “There are men who fail to seek treatment in the early stages, as they cannot accept the fact that they have been diagnosed with prostate cancer,”

Finally, with this new treatment for prostate cancer many with this type of cancer would be hopeful of getting treated and extension of life.

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