AACR and Millennium Offers Young Researchers Grants for Lymphoma and Prostate Cancer Research

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If you have a post doctoral student that is interested in prostate cancer research, this news would be quite interesting for you.

The American Association for Prostate Cancer Research (AACR) and Millennium ( a Takeda Oncology Company) are in partnership to offer research grant worth around $55,000 each for the research in Lymphoma and prostate cancer.

The grant would be offered starting in 2013 over a one year period. Details of this research grant have been published AACR Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at the online edition of the Bioscience Technology. Qualified applicants for the grant in either lymphoma or prostate cancer research must be in first five years of their postdoctoral or clinical research fellowship. The applicant must have doctoral degree and work under the supervision of an medical, mentor academic institution in the United States.

This grant program is quite an interesting one and offers young investigators the opportunity to fill the gap in clinical research related to Lymphoma and prostate cancer research.

Speaking on this grant, the chief executive officer of the AACR and the chief medical officer at Millenium has these to say:

“The AACR is very proud to collaborate with Millennium and provide additional fellowship opportunities to promising young investigators who have strong potential to become productive and successful independent cancer researchers,” said Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D. (h.c.), chief executive officer of the AACR. “As we add these new fellowships to the AACR’s growing grants portfolio, we know they will aid in filling the gaps in the areas of lymphoma and prostate cancer, where more research is greatly needed.”

“At Millennium we’re very excited to partner with the AACR to increase the educational opportunities for young researchers in the area of oncology,” said Karen Ferrante, M.D., chief medical officer at Millennium. “In our efforts to make a dramatic impact on cancer therapeutics, we are dedicated to a strong partnership with the AACR and the oncology community. As leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry we’re very proud to be helping develop the next group of young scientists who will share in that effort.”

So, this is indeed a great opportunity for you to help find solutions for Lymphoma or prostate cancer. More details on this grant can be accessed from the website of AACR at aarc.org.

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