A New and Less Invasive Method of Detecting Prostate Cancer Using MRI Can Now Be Applied

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Traditional methods of detecting prostate cancer include the testing of the PSA level in the blood, feeling in the lumps in digital rectal exams, and taking out tissues from the prostate area as biopsy.

Though these procedures are important in detecting the presence of prostate cancer, they often tend to be unreliable.

Biopsy is more effective of the three methods described above, however it is painful and could miss out on the wrong tissue with the prostate cancer. A new method of detecting this prostate cancer by making biopsy more accurate has now being developed. This method uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to detect the disease.

A recent article published December 17, 2012 by Marissa Torres at koaa.com provides some useful details concerning this new diagnostic method for cancer of the prostate. An extract from the article reveals:

“Rather than doing a systematic blind biopsy of the prostate, we can now do a targeted biopsy and do a direct assessment of the tumor. Previously this was impossible,” says Dr. Leonard Marks, a urologist.

Patients first get an MRI that pinpoints the subtle differences between normal and cancerous tissue. Those MRI images are then superimposed over the live images of the prostate done during the biopsy so the doctor can be sure he’s biopsying the right area.

“So what this allows us to do is to put the needle directly into the tumor. And to evaluate the size of the tumor and the severity of the tumor,” says Dr. Marks.

Conclusively, this new method of detecting prostate cancer could now be more accurate and help save men from unnecessary pains and stress in the diagnosing prostate cancer. You should discuss with your doctor effectively about your need for this test and possibly your need for an effective treatment.

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