A Clinical Trial Targeting Advanced Prostate Cancer Specifically To Be Carried Out Researchers

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Men with advanced prostate cancer may soon benefit from the administration of a combination of immunotherapy drugs that can help treat their condition.

This is coming on the heels of a report that a clinical trial to be carried out by researchers of the Georgia Health Sciences University Cancer Center is to test the effectiveness of the combination of Provenge and other prostate cancer drugs.

Provenge is an immunotherapy drug that has been approved by the FDA for prostate cancer.  A preclinical trial combining this drug and other cancer drugs in mice has shown that an improvement of up to 50% in the animals. This result has spurred the researchers lead by GHSU Cancer Center Director Samir N. Khleif to carry out a clinical trial on select men with advanced prostate cancer.

An article published in Medical Xpress on December 3, 2012, gave insights on the upcoming clinical trial. The article was titled “Clinical Trial Targets Advanced Prostate Cancer”. An excerpt from the article reveals the importance of the combination of Provenge and other medications. It reads: Provenge works by training the body’s immune system to find and attack prostate cancer cells. Khleif’s trial hopes to boost Provenge’s effectiveness by combining it with two other drugs: CT-011, a type of antibody that reverses immune suppression caused by cancer, and cyclophosphamide, which in a low dose enhances the effect of Provenge and CT-011. Both have been safely used alone or in combination with other cancer therapies, but never for prostate cancer.

It is hoped that clinical trial is going to open a new chapter in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. Dendereon Corporation, the maker of Provenge is in full support of the trial and is collaborating with Khleif the leader of the trail researchers in the human trial.

                                 Video on Provenge ( courtsey: YouTube)

So, if you have concerned about treatment of advanced prostate cancer, a better treatment could be in the offing if the clinical trial becomes successful. Already, as a separate treatment, Provenge has helped to increase the life expectancy of patients for up to 20%. Combination of this treatment with other cancer drugs could be effective in reducing the number of death caused by advanced prostate cancer.

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