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There is little question in the minds of anyone concerning the fact that your best chance of recovery from prostate cancer comes mainly when the illness is detected early and prevented from spreading. Even laymen in the shadow of the disease are aware of it, and it is only too real for the medical health professionals that have to deal the teeming patients all the time, and the medical researchers that are constantly studying new methods of detection of the disease, and better ways of diagnosing it, and of course, improved innovations and interventions for the carcinoma.

Such remedies as genetic screening and low animal fat diets have all been contemplated, as well as a number of innovative treatments that keep on popping out all the time, including pills and medications for chemotherapy and hormonal treatments, and immunotherapy, and improved surgical procedures like cryosurgery, and so on. These days, even oncologists offer varied remedies for various patients based on the merits of each specific case because they realize the fact that there are no surefire prostate cancer cures.

But naturally, researches are still ongoing. All across the country and across the world, you come across so many cancer research institutes and centers that they are difficult to count. It might make you want to wonder if there shouldn’t be better interventions for the disease already, since there is so much money already given for series of researches and there are so many people constantly at work in dealing with the debilitating ailment. And indeed there are, as this article highlights, various new and shifting medical approaches to combating prostate cancer.

The most impressive results in prostate cancer treatment have always come from clinical trials of hormonal therapy combined with radiation. A certain study of 415 patients treated in Europe in the late 1990s revealed patients receiving three years of adjuvant therapy plus radiation to survive longer than patients who received radiation alone. By watching them, it was estimated that more people (79%) from the first group would still be alive five years after treatment, as opposed to the 62% projected from the second group.

Cryosurgery is another innovative technique for prostate cancer, one that uses surgical instruments to destroy cancer cells by freezing them. It is less invasive than radical prostatectomy, and general anesthesia is less commonly used. Immunotherapy is another technique, similar to hormone treatment and to chemotherapy. This procedure is designed to boost your body’s immune-system defenses to fight cancerous cells by itself. Incredibly, it works superbly, but it is yet to be perfected. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) uses high-energy sound waves to destroy cancer cells: essentially ultrasonic waves precisely focused on specific areas to eliminate the carcinoma with minimal risks of affecting other tissue or organs. HIFU has high success rates and reduced risk of side effects, but it is still largely in the study phase.

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