Prostate Cancer In The UK – Weight Loss And Other Common Symptoms Of Cancer

One of the worst forms of cancer in the United Kingdom is prostate cancer, and it is also responsible for some of the highest cancer death rates among men in the region. The reason why is very clearly the fact that the carcinoma does not have any known early symptoms, so that many men are unable to identify the sarcoma early enough before the disease starts to metastasize. This is also the case with several other types of cancer like lymphoma and ovarian cancers. Even colon cancer happens to behave in a similar fashion.

Men in the UK live in dread of all cancers, but prostate cancer holds its own proud place because like pancreatic cancer it produces few if any symptoms before it metastasizes; making it close behind lung cancer and breast cancer in cancer-related deaths. Weight loss is not a common symptom of prostate cancer; rather the first outward evidence that a patient may be suffering from the condition would be painful urination and ejaculation, and blood in the urine and semen. Other forms of cancer may produce such symptoms as jaundice, pain in various parts of the body depending on the form of cancer in question; shortness of breath, coughing, and even fevers.

Because of the overall existing dread for cancers in the UK, people would jump to conclusions and assume the worst for any variety of symptoms that they suddenly observe. This can hardly be helped, but it can at least be regulated. Especially if a patient is at risk and concerned about the possibility of contacting the melanoma, he should really be advised on its earliest symptoms, and on its later ones.

Usually by the time the symptoms of prostate cancer appear, the malignant cells have spread to distant organs and tissues in the body, especially the lymphatic system. On rare occasions, this may result in a painless swelling of the lymph nodes as is characteristic of lymphoma, but it is merely metastatic prostate cancer on the move. For this reason, it is advisable for British men who have exceeded the age of fifty to go in for regular medical checkups. Even if the diagnostic techniques may be considered invasive, since they have the propensity to save a patient’s life by detecting prostate cancer before even its symptoms appear, a patient is usually relieved when it is done.

Late stage prostate cancer also resembles a lot of cancers that commonly affect British men. For instance, since the malignancy tends to metastasize to the bones, it is common for a man to fear that he has bone cancer because of the pain that he feels in the bones of his thigh, ribs, and pelvis. He may also suspect cancer or other conditions that cause leg weakness and incontinence, and wonder why he may suffer from erectile dysfunction in advanced stage prostate melanoma. These however occur when the cancerous cells decompress the spinal cord encased in the backbone. However, he never should have waited until things got that bad.

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