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Accidents happen, people make mistakes, things go wrong; and that is what this life is all about – things not quite going the way you expect them to. Take with prostate cancer, for instance. This is a disease that inflicts about eighteen percent of all men at some point in their lifetime, and there is very little anyone can do about it, right?


Sure, things go wrong, and a lot of men get diagnosed with a disease as deadly as prostate cancer; worse, each year up to thirty thousand men die of prostate cancer and/or complications that arise from it; and even those who get treated usually have to live out the rest of their lives dealing with the side effects of these prostate cancer treatments. Sure, life is far from fair, but you don’t have to be one of the casualties of the complicatedness and unfairness that is life.

Prostate cancer may be about the mostly widely diagnosed cancer among American men, and deciding on optimal management for the disease may be a major challenge for most people, but if you had the right kind of help, you could waltz right through it all, practically unscathed.

I’m speaking about seeking help for your prostate cancer at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Cancer Institute, where the very best of prostate care is disseminated to as many as are able to link up with them. If you need help with the disease and the decision-making process, OHSU has just the thing with their Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic that gives all-inclusive, up to date, communal and empathetic care not just for patients with prostate cancer, but all other kinds of prostate complications.

Equipped with the best of personnel and equipment in all forms of oncology and urology, they can and have dealt with practically every manifestation of the condition you can dream up; plus, they deal with new cases every day, constantly at the forefront.

So what, you have taken treatment and the cancer keeps coming back? Or you are only just being diagnosed with the disease and you want to be sure that you get the best treatment once and for all; or your dad or granddad was besotted with the condition and you are looking for the best preventive measures that humanity can offer; or you have metastasized prostate cancer and you want the best of palliative care; or… name it.

There are a lot to institutions around the world that do research on these things, and others that offer care; but why go far when you have one so close, and only a couple of clicks away? The OHSU Cancer Institute has seen it, and they can handle it.

So you know what to do for more information on what the OHSU cancer institute has to offer on prostate cancer: you want to get in touch, to get informed and educated, to get treatment or advice, or to sign up for the Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference which is held every year for patients, families, and men at risk for prostate cancer, and everybody else. You don’t want to be thinking too long about this; you want to be acting right away.

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