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One of the most invaluable organizations you can contact for prostate cancer help is the Prostate Cancer Foundation PCF. Since 1993, this foundation has helped to save the lives of many individuals who could have died from prostate cancer. Through its programs the projected death rate for prostate cancer has dropped by 40%.How does the foundation achieve this? Well, these are what we are going to highlight in this article. This article is intended to be informative, educative and instructive for every individual, loved ones, and health care providers to those living with cancer of the prostate.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation PCF was established in 1993 as a body that committed to philanthropic gestures towards the funding of research works on prostate cancer. It invests resources in the most successful research programs finding lasting cure for this disease. Resources and supports are provided worldwide cutting red tape and promoting breakthrough and collaboration with the world’s best scientific minds.

Thus, the two major areas through which the foundation achieves its objectives are: funding of research and provision the reliable information on the latest developments in prostate cancer research, medications, and treatment.

Funding by Prostate Cancer Foundation PCF

To date, it has been established that the prostate cancer foundation has helped in the building of a global research enterprise estimated to be around $10 billion. PCF gets funding through donations from governments and private individuals. The donations are channeled towards funding prostate cancer researches in different centers all over the world. More than 1,500 research programs in about200 research centers located in about 12 countries have benefited from the funding programs of PCF.

Serving as a reliable source of latest prostate cancer information

The Prostate Cancer Foundation PCF has since its inception become a reliable source of invaluable prostate cancer information to those concerned. In this case, prostate cancer victims, their loved ones, their care providers, and researchers have benefited immensely from the updated and valuable information provided by PCF. If you fall into any of the category of persons listed above, then the PCF is a reliable and primary source for such information. The Foundation also provides referral service to the best treatment centers.

Other functions of the PCF

With the funding and coordination efforts by PCF, many breakthrough researches have been achieved in various areas of prostate cancer. New gene therapies, vaccines and other medications have been developed to treat prostate cancer cells. Hence, kudos to this foundation that has helped saved the lives of millions of people diagnosed with the disease.

Finally, Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is an organization worth commending and working with. You too can find out how you can collaborate with this organization to fund research towards providing the best cures for cancer of the prostate today. Your financial donations and other supports would be highly appreciated. Visit the website at for more helpful information.






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