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Many people are still very ignorant about this condition known as cancer of the prostate. They think they really know all there is to know about it but they are dead wrong. And in case you have never heard of this statement before, you should now – ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to your health. It’s important to know all there is to know about prostate-cancer, if you are worried about it. This article helps to provide you with some of the important statistics of this condition. Knowing them will give you a better understanding.

They say there is no cure for cancer, and perhaps they are right to some degree; with the level of variation that the disease presents, the number of casualties documented annually in the United States alone, with the different approaches to dealing with the condition, and considering the variety of the results that are often obtained, of course there is no cure for cancer; at least not a definitive one, and certainly not yet. But I suppose in some sense you could argue that prostate cancer is indeed curable. This might be startling to you if you were just privy to the unfriendly statistics of the malignancy of the prostate. Keep reading nonetheless. You will learn things you didn’t know before today.

•    It is the ninth most common cancer in the whole world, not just in the United States
•    It is the second most common cancer among men in the United States, after skin cancer
•    It is the second most common cause of cancer deaths among men in the United States, after lung cancer
•    Over 230,000 new cases of this condition are diagnosed annually
•    Over 27,000 casualties from prostate type of cancer alone each year
•    No early symptoms of the condition.

Facts like that would scare anybody, especially the symptoms part. I mean, how can you cure a disease that has no early symptoms; how on earth do you know that you have the man killer disease?

Simple and straightforward enough questions; the statement was not that there are no symptoms for prostate cancer, but that there are no early symptoms of the melanoma. That means that during the initial incidence and development of the disease, you won’t even feel a thing. And if you go on living your merry life from there, you would only be giving it a chance to fester, and grow, and metastasize… and kill you. Perish the thought!

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