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Almost to be expected, one could argue that the methods for diagnosing prostate cancer, and even all other forms of cancer, in the United States today are so much better than ever before; as are the treatment methods, which have done a great deal for prostate cancer prognosis in America. I have used the word ‘almost’ because dealing with and solving the problems of cancers in the world has never been a walk in the park and should never be taken for granted. However, even though the condition may be caught earlier these days, still too many people are being diagnosed with this biggest cancer killer for American men; and even though treatment methods for prostate cancer have improved, way too many are still dying on an annual basis.

You have got to agree with me here that there is still much to be done. However, with what is known, this article consists of things that you may expect when you hit the physician’s place on the suspicion that you may have malignant tumors or nodules in your prostate, before you begin to even consider all of those treatments like chemo, radio, or hormone therapy for prostate cancer cure.

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis:

The Prostate Cancer PSA test is among the first and most reliable source of information when it comes to diagnoising prostate cancer. The PSA test can be said to be a measure of the levels of a protein known as the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) in the blood of the victim. It’s really a protein or an antigen which is over produced by the cancer cells in the victim’s prostate gland and this causes the elevation of the PSA levels in the victim’s blood.

In normal circumstances, the PSA levels of a normal man are lower than 4.0 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). The more the levels exceed that, then prostate cancer may be lurking.

But of course, it’s not all the time that PSA test chart for prostate cancer is indicative of prostate cancer. There are other types of problems or infections and even other types of drugs which can elevate someone’s PSA levels. Because of this, the PSA test is not enough. To be sure whether one has prostate cancer or not during a diagnosis, a prostate biopsy is also required to be undergone, to be sure whether cancer is lurking or not. A prostate biopsy involves the insertion of a needle through the victim’s rectum all through to the prostate and then a piece of tissue is taken and studied under a microscope to look for cancerous cells.

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Prognosis:

The physician will have to carry out further tests on you to ensure that your prostate cancer has not gotten out of hand to metastasize and spread to other organs and your bones, because if it has, a more aggressive course of treatment may have to be administered. Barring complications, you may treat prostate cancer with hormone or chemotherapy, but it is generally understood that surgery or radiotherapy are the best cures for prostate cancer. In the event that you have a complicated condition of the disease, you may have to blend several or all of the treatment techniques for prostate cancer to be sure it goes into complete remission and does not recur.

It is largely true that if your prostate cancer is caught early enough, and managed well, you will live long and well enough to die of other ‘natural’ causes, which is not a bad prognosis, really.

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