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When talking about prostate cancer centers in United States of America, there are lots of them, thankfully so.

whether it is

  • The Duke comprehensive prostate cancer center,
  • The Atlanta Georgia prostrate cancer treatment center,
  • The Mdanderson prostate cancer research center
  • The Barrett prostate cancer center

…it’s important to first say that we have lots of general hospitals and centers in the United States specifically dealing with prostate cancer in particular and cancer in general.

We can decide to begin there. So, should we begin with the general hospitals that regardless of their size provide patients with a wide range of services, including emergency treatment, surgery, and medical and nursing care?

Or should we do the specialized cancer hospitals that in contrast may concentrate on particular cancer patients?

Or special centers like:

  • Prostate cancer centers in Indiana,
  • Chicago prostate cancer center,
  • Mofit cancer center,


I know; I’ll do the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, first of all. The facility offers no less than 37 specialized cancer treatment centers, including centers for AIDS-related cancers, brain tumors, ovarian and prostate cancer, and provides state-of-the-art treatments for all of these cancers that are not generally available in other hospitals. Here is an institute that also conducts research on new cancer drugs and procedures like photodynamic therapy in cancer intervention, a procedure that uses a laser to activate cancer-killing chemicals inside tumors.

And ah, the National Cancer Institute: Established by Congress in 1937; the largest budget and staff of all the National Institutes of Health in the United States that are dedicated to biomedical and clinical research.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) leads federal research efforts directed at the prevention, cause, detection, and treatment of all forms of cancers. It houses a data bank that collects, catalogs, and distributes the results of cancer studies conducted worldwide.

And it also sponsors and funds various demonstration centers that train doctors in advanced diagnostic and treatment methods for carcinomas. There are indeed several such centers, including the Prostate cancer treatment centers in the Washington DC and a host of others, given the gravity of the condition.

There’s also the American cancer society: a cancer research and public education organization founded in 1913 to “disseminate knowledge concerning the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of cancer, to investigate conditions under which cancer is found, and to compile statistics in regard thereto” and with well over two million members in and beyond the United States.

There’s also the Food and Drug Administration: Not directly a cancer center, the FDA administers the law to ensure that drugs and therapeutic devices are safe and effective for their intended uses amongst a host of other functions.

And for prostate cancer centers in Indiana, you might want to the Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, where research is actually currently ongoing to perfect prostate cancer therapy with high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

Others are:

  • The Cancer Research Foundation of America
  • The American Foundation for Urologic Disease
  • Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
  • National Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention

…to mention but a few more.

Why, I’ll never be able to list them all because they are almost uncountable. Let’s just begin with these, shall we?

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