What Causes Prostate Cancer – Common Risk Factors You Should Know

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Prostate cancer originates from the prostate gland in the male reproductive system. It grows slowly and can metastasize to other parts of the body, thereby affecting vital organs in the body.

This type of cancer is known to be the second highest killer cancer disease for men after lung cancer. It is also the second most popular cancer for men after skin cancer.

The man that has prostate cancer develops certain symptoms in the body that could be painful and discomforting. These symptoms include: difficulty in urinating, difficulty in sexual performance, blood in urine, blood in semen, pains in the lower back, pains in the body, enlarged prostate, compressed spinal cord, increased urination at night etc.

If you are aware of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer and you are more interested in what causes prostate cancer, then this article can be of help to you. It provides you with highlights of the common factors that have been associated to cause prostate cancer.

Age – the age of a man determines the state of his health. If a man is more 45years and above, then he has an increased chance of developing prostate cancer. This is because the prostate increases with age in some men. Other factors like hormonal changes in the body, and infection can spur cancer to grow from the prostate.

Genetics – prostate cancer has been associated with genes and their variants. Various studies have suggested that if a man has as family history of this disease, he has an increased chance of being diagnosed with it in latter life than someone who is not.

Dietary factor – What a man eats can increase the chances of him being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Some foods increase the risks while others lower the risk. On the high-risk side, unsaturated fats, Junk foods, lower levels of Vitamin D, processed foods, alcohol, etc can increase the risk of someone having cancer of the prostate. On the flip side, vegetables, fruits, green tea, Vitamins D, and folic acids,…

Exposures to certain medications and medical conditions – the use of certain drugs or medications have been linked to cause prostate cancer. These medications could be those used to treat cancers affecting other parts of the body. Statin and some other drugs used to lower the cholesterol level in the body can help to lower risk of cancer in the prostate.

Medical conditions like infections enlarged prostate, elevated levels of testosterone, obesity, and some other factors like exposures to Agent Orange have been known to increase the chances of someone to be diagnosed with cancer of the prostate.

In conclusion, these are common factors that are known to cause cancer of the prostate. You can get more facts from your doctor or an urologist.

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