Revisiting the Causes Of Prostate Cancer

It is important to recognize the cause of a disease so that the right treatment can be preferred. This fact still applies to cancer of the prostate. Unfortunately, the exact reason why cancerous cells affect the tissues of the prostate is not yet known.   This is not surprising because so it is with many other types of cancer diseases – lung, breast, skin, etc. However, the good thing is that certain risk factors have been identified as causative factors for this disease. Here are highlights on the possible causes of prostate cancer.

Before that, let us recap what prostate cancer means. This is abnormal growth of the cells or tissues in the prostate gland. These growths make the gland to increase in size and obstruct normal reproduction and excretion activity for the man. In other words, the cancer leads to difficulties in the way urine is passed out and in the way sexual intercourse is carried out. The symptoms of this condition are not something you will want to deal with because they are painful and discomforting.

Causes of prostate cancer

  • Age – The prostate gland found in men increases in size as the person ages. In some men this is more pronounced. Most men diagnosed with this condition are diagnosed after they have crossed 50 years. So, age is a risk factor for this condition.
  • Genetic – There is a high risk of someone being diagnosed with prostate cancer if they have a family history of the disease. This simply means that if you father or brother is diagnosed with this disease, then you too are likely to be diagnosed of the condition.
  • Diet – The intake of certain foods tend to speed up the growth of cancer cells in the body. Taking more of foods that contain animal fats and junk foods can spur uncontrollable increase in the growth of prostate cancer. However, many research findings have indicated that with increased intake in fruits and vegetables, Vitamin D, and other minerals, the risk of prostate cancer is lowered.
  • Apart from the above, other likely causes of prostate cancer include: medications, infections, and inflammation of the prostate gland. The use of too much alcohol and exposures to some dangerous chemicals can serve as risk factors for cancerous tumor on the prostate gland.

For different individuals, the chances of being diagnosed will vary. Your primary health care provider can help provide you with the right diagnoses if you consult with him. The bottom line is that prostate cancer causes in individuals vary. Knowing the exact risk factor you are exposed to can help you get the right treatments. Luckily, many treatment options can be applied depending on the staging of the growth. The best known most effective treatments so far include: radiation treatments, hormonal therapies, chemotherapies, surgery, and alternative treatments methods.

Conclusively, if you are young man now, it is important that you go for a prostate cancer screening to determine if you are likely to develop this condition in the future. This is more important if you have a family history for this condition. Early detection of causes will promote better treatment and cure.

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