Prostate Cancer More Causes Risk Factors – 5 Important Ones to Be Aware of

Age, genetics, race, diet, lifestyle, medications, and other factors that may be random; these are the risk factors of prostate cancer. This article looks specifically at some of the more causes and risk factors of prostate cancer and what you can do to prevent the disease. Yes, you can do something to prevent it somewhat. Even though what to do can’t be guaranteed to stop it, it surely will help to try them, as they have worked and continue to work for lots of people, all over the world.

1. AGE – The primary prostate cancer risk factor is age. This melanoma that develops amongst the cells of the prostate gland is uncommon in men less than 45, but it becomes more and more common and prominent in older men, placing an average age at time of diagnosis at 70. Also referred to as prostate cancer age risks, there’s really nothing anyone can do about this ? unless of course you don’t want to grow older than 50 years. But who doesn’t?

2. GENETICS ? The fact that the genetic background of a man contributes to his risk of prostate malignancy was alluded to by increased incidence of prostate cancer in certain racial groups, and studies done with identical twins of men with the syndrome, and in men with certain genes. Concurrent with this, it now is evident that the disease more commonly affects men who have one or more direct relatives with a prostate cancer diagnosis, the risk rising with increasing number of occurrence in his family. Specifically, two genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 have been implicated in prostate cancer.

3. DIET – Diets rich in animal fats, red meat, high-fat dairy products, high content of the synthetic vitamin A palmitate, are now believed to have a great deal of influence in why certain men get diagnosed with prostate cancer. Such stark dietary differences can be seen between Chinese and Americans and may explain why the incidence of prostate cancer is 120 times greater in the United States than in China. Fatty foods are not part of the diet in Asia generally, where they eat more of vegetable based staples, and quite some quantity of seafood.

4. LIFESTYLE – Few people who exercise well are besotted with diseases, and this again features as one of the risk factors of prostate cancer. Essentially, the lack of exercise allows harmful substances to build up in the body that may be part of what causes prostate cancer. That aside, some potentially harmful habits such as consuming too much alcohol and just about all kind of alcohol beverages, and of smoking tobacco or other such substances can do such great damage to the body that they are sure to be causal factors as well.

5. MEDICATIONS – Certain medications are believed to contribute to reduced prostate cancer risk. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs and a lot of painkillers for some reason appears to lower the incidence of prostate cancer amongst men in the United States of America, and so do known cholesterol lowering drugs. On the converse side, infections and inflammations, especially STDs, appear to contribute to increasing the incidence of prostate cancer. And talking about the risks of STDs, that’s why it’s increasingly said that masturbation prevents prostate cancer, rather than risky sexual activities that might lead to STDs.

For all intents and purposes, it is evident that the way you live your life says a great deal about how likely you are of catching prostate cancer. In that wise, you will do well to learn about these factors and put that knowledge to good use by manipulating them to your favor. That ought not to be too much trouble now, should it?

If you have questions such as – does Bhp increase the risk of prostate cancer, what are the risks of prostate cancer or does masturbation reduce risk of prostate cancer, I hope the above helped you with the answers you were seeking. If not, there are other very helpful articles related to this subject all over this website. Take your time to find them in the “related articles” section for more reading.

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