Prostate Cancer Causes And Risk Factors – 2 Important Ones To Be Aware Of

While it’s really true that the disease called prostate cancer is now a big killer worldwide, it’s also true that it’s not the worst killer there is. A good thing about the condition (yes, there’s something good about it) is that it can be effectively treated if it’s discovered in good time.

What’s even better is that there are certain risk factors that are associated with the causing the condition. It is said that if you can minimize or even completely stop the risk factors, you might be able to prevent the condition. But of course, there are certain risk factors that you can’t do anything about. This article looks at 2 of the risk factors that might cause this type of cancer.

1.    Family History – Have you checked on your family lineage to know if any member was once diagnosed of prostate cancer? If yes, then you are at risk of having this disease. Cancerous cells can be hereditary. You don’t have to wait until you are 50 to start screening for this condition; you should start even far earlier than 50 years old. Early detection would help you to get effectively treated of the illness and can enhance your survival, more than anything else. So, yes, it’s true that with prostate type of cancer, “a stitch in time saves nine!”

2.    High levels of testosterone – If the level of this male sex hormone produced in your testes is high then you are likely to have a rev up in cancerous cells in your prostate gland. Studies on patient with prostate cancer have shown that they have an abnormal quantity of testosterone produced by the testes. Testosterone boosts the growth of cancer cells in the body. This is one reason why hormonal therapy is often recommended as one the treatment options for cancer of the prostate; so as to reduce the levels of this androgenic hormone.

There are some other risk factors (or causes) of prostate cancer but the ones explained above are key ones you must not ignore. Each or a combination of these risk factors could be responsible for the condition of different patients of the disease. You need to talk to your doctor for proper diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment. Again, one good thing about this type of cancer is that it takes time to get worse and can be effectively treated, if discovered in good time. So, you should always make it a habit of constantly going for yearly tests of the cancer, if you are above 40 years old.

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