Cancer D Prostate Vitamin – Causal Or curative Factors?

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Because there is so much that is poorly understood about prostate cancer, and because people are so desperate and eager to know everything, there are understandably more questions than there are answers concerning this debilitating disease. However, the answers are beginning to filter out based on the results of countless researches that are being done all the time; and a lot of information about the potential value of vitamin D in prostate type of cancer treatment and prevention is emerging

First it was determined that Lower blood levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of developing the condition, and that high plasma levels of Vitamin D may have a protective effect. Initially this was understandably linked to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light because of how UV light exposure can increase vitamin D in the body, but in more recent times, more ties have been made to vitamin D in diet.

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble prohormones with two major forms, ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol, which refer to metabolites and other analogues of these substances. Various studies suggest that eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and allowing some egg yolk, liver, tuna, and vitamin D fortified milk, may lower the risk of certain cancers. Specifically, the vitamin D hormone, calcitriol, has been found to induce death of cancer cells both in the lab and in the bodies of test subjects. It is believed that the anti-cancer activity of vitamin D results from its role as a nuclear transcription factor that regulates cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis and a wide range of cellular mechanisms central to the development of cancer, effects that are now believed to can be mediated using vitamin D receptors expressed in cancer cells.

Now the Harvard University Medical School researchers believe that vitamin D may actually protect against prostate cancer. In a lengthy study, they found that more than two thirds of the men were helped by the administration of the substance on daily basis.

The Vitamin D receptor belongs to the nuclear receptor super family of steroid/thyroid hormone receptors, and VDR are expressed by cells in most organs, including the brain, heart, skin, gonads, prostate, and breast. The immunoregulatory properties of calcitriol (derived from vitamin D) have today been established for its therapeutic clinical applications in the treatment of the disease and various inflammatory diseases, as well as dermatological conditions and autoimmune diseases, and then some. Now research also indicates that there are beneficial effects of high levels of calcitriol on patients with advanced prostate cancer. Aren’t that just something?

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