Agent Orange Prostate Cancer – Hints on the Herbicide Associated with Prostate cancer

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Agent Orange refers to the code name the US Military gave to the herbicide that was sprayed on the Vietnamese forest during the Vietnam War. These chemical was used to defoliate the forests so that the guerillas would be deprived of foods.

It has also served to destroy foods and shelter for them. While millions of gallons of this chemical were used, there were various kinds of health consequences associated with exposures to this. Prostate cancer is one of the many health issues associated with this type of cancer.

Hints on the health problems arising from Agent Orange exposure

Agent Orange Prostate cancer therefore refers to information about the prostate cancer caused by exposures to the chemical called Agent Orange. The origin of this connection is from the ill health that was beginning to affect US veterans that served in the Vietnam War.

Most of these ex-service men developed different kind of cancer diseases that included: prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, Non-Hodgkin’ lymphoma, throat cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma and liver cancer, etc.

Researches associating prostate cancer with Agent Orange

In 2008, researchers from the University of California, in a study on about 13,000  Vietnam veterans, showed that those exposed to Agent Orange between 1962 and 1971 have increased risk of prostate cancer in men who had been diagnosed.

The research findings were published after more than 20 years of research. Other research works have also confirmed Agent Orange, although there is still doubted in some quarters.

Prostate cancer is the second highest killer among cancer diseases that affect men. Lung cancer is still calling the shot. Also, cancer of the prostate is the second common type of cancer after skin cancer. At an early stage, it may pose no threat, but aggressive forms of the disease can damage vital organs in the body and result to death of the patient. It grows slowly from the cells of the prostate gland and spreads to other parts of the body.

Treatment of prostate cancer takes many forms which include: surgery, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, hormonal treatment, Cryotherapy, and complementary treatments. The type of treatment used depends on the stage or risk factors of the disease.

Finally, apart from Agent Orange, other notable causes of cancer of the prostate include: Age, race, family history, diet, and lifestyle. The United States Government through the Departments of Veterans Administration is providing compensations for those whose health have been affected through exposures to Agent Orange.

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