2 Risk Factors That Can Cause Prostate Cancer

The prostate gland, which is a gland found in men below the bladder and slightly above the rectum can be affected by abnormal growth of cells that may be diagnosed as cancerous. Certainly, prostate cancer is one health condition that can affect your body as a man. This condition is known to be the second leading cause of death for men affected with cancer diseases. What is more, one in every six men is said to have been diagnosed of the condition in recent times. It is alarming to know that about 225,000 men could be diagnosed with this condition each year.

The signs or symptoms that shows you are affected with prostate cancer include your passing blood in the urine, burning sensation during urination, having frequent urge to urinate at night, having trouble controlling passage of urine, pains in the waist and lower abdominal area and so forth. Although these signs are observed in people with prostate cancer, they could as well be signs of other prostate conditions like infections and enlargement of the prostate. Hence, going for accurate diagnoses by your doctor would be a better decision to make if you are undergoing any of these symptoms.

The exact cause of cancer in the prostate gland has not been identified. Perhaps, in the nearest future, researches for cancer and other similar diseases would find it. Nonetheless, it would not be fair to ignore some of the risk factors that can contribute to the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate gland. These risk factors are recognized as the causes of cancer in the prostate. Common risk factors you should know are:

1.    Age – The detection of prostate cancer is commonly spread among men who are more than 50 years of age. Since the buildup of cancer in the prostate slowly progresses, it might not be detected when you are younger. This type of cancer is often seemed as a “slow” cancer because it does not spread rapidly like others such as lung cancer, breast cancer or skin cancer. So, the older you are, the higher your risk of suffering from prostate cancer. For this reason, the American Cancer Society has recommended that you undergo a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test if you are above 50 years old to screen for the disease annually.

2.    Diet – The importance of having a proper diet regimen cannot be over emphasized. It has been discovered that those whose diet comprise mainly of fatty food are at higher risk of developing prostate cancer. This point is buttressed by the fact that people living areas like Asia have low cases of this type of cancer as well as other diseases. Fatty foods can encourage cancerous cells to metastasize. So, if you discover that you are likely to develop cancer of the prostate, then you need to watch what you eat. Going for foods that contain fibers would be preferable than “junk” or fatty foods.

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