Prostate Cancer Bone Pain – How To Deal With It

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Prostate cancer spreads after a while; it is a slow growing disease that originates in the prostate gland, but it spreads. It can spread to the furthest locations on the body, mostly targeting the bones; and when it spreads it typically bring with it the pain.

The spread of a cancer is called metastasis, and as the cells from the tumor arrive in the locations to which they have metastasized to, they naturally resume their growth and uncontrollable multiplication, and then come the pain. There are lots of men in the United States, and a good number of them know what the statistics are like with prostate cancer ? 11th most common cancer in the world, most common non skin cancer in the United States, most common cause of cancer death among men in the United States, 300,000 new diagnoses per year, 27,000 deaths per year as well; and all of that. But even though they know all of these, few people are aware of the kind of pain that comes with the condition.

The pain is much, to say the least; in the pelvis first, and then in the lower back, and the thigh bone, and the ribs, and maybe even in other parts of the body. The bone becomes so fragile from the occurrence of hot and cold spots that it becomes very prone to fracture; general weakness in the bones follow, and then the patient may even start to suffer paralysis. This occurs as the cancerous cells start to pile up against the tenderness of the milky white spinal cord. Most men are unaware and unprepared for prostate cancer bone pain.

But ignorance is no excuse, and the pain will come when it will. That is no reason to sit back and allow it take over your life. You actually can manage bone pain, and with relative ease too. Now I am not talking of over-the-counter type ibuprofen, which is a serious, enough medication for all kinds of pain, fever and inflammation in the body; I am more concerned about biosphosphonates. Bisphosphonates such as zoledronic acid have been shown to delay skeletal complications such as fractures or the need for radiation therapy in patients with hormone-refractory metastatic prostate cancer.

In addition you may go as far as getting yourself some abiraterone acetate, a new drug that is showing quite some promise in the treatment of advanced stage prostate kind of cancer. Even opioid pain relievers like morphine and oxydocone are ideal, because of the way they help deal with bone pain due to metastatic disease. Unfortunately for the moment there is no curing the kind of advanced stage prostate form of cancer that causes that kind of bone pain, but at least you can treat it ? so have a chat with your doctor and find ways to treat it. You don’t have to live with that kind of pain.

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