Prostate Cancer Awareness Bracelet – It’s Significance

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If you live in the United States, chances are that you have come across the prostate cancer bracelet more than once. If you think you haven’t, all you need do is to open your eye just a bit wider next time you are out on the road, and you will suddenly realize how many people around you know about the disease and are making efforts to do something to help.

That actually is the significance of the prostate type of cancer bracelet. You might not know it, but it sells only for $10, which you can afford; and a good portion of the proceeds realized from its sales go straight out to help various research centers all over the United States who are specifically in the study of prostate disease.

More than just the money making, wearing the light blue silicone rubber bracelet says something to the people all around you ? something pertinent ? “I know what you are going through; I understand; I empathize; I sympathize; and I am doing what little I can to help.” Of course you cannot read that many words on the bracelet; chances are the bracelet actually couldn’t contain that many words in the first place.

All that written on the bracelet is “prostate cancer Awareness,” which is a simple enough message; but knowing the number of men that die from the disease every year, and the number of men that are freshly diagnosed with the disease each year, and therefore the number of families and lives that are affected, the message of awareness is a whole lot more significant and relatable.

prostate condition the world’s ninth most common cancer, but America’s most common cancer after skin cancer among men; with a death toll of over 27,000 thousand per year, it also ranks as the second biggest man killer cancer in the United States. It may be a disease that affects exponentially more of older men that it does younger ones, but at one time a diagnosis for the disease was more or less a death sentence.

Since the 80s the death rate from prostate cancer has been dropping ever so slowly, but it indicates that someone or some people are hard at work doing something about the disease. Funding may be in the millions from government or private sources, but it still isn’t enough for the massive studies and trials that have to be done before solutions are found. By buying the prostate cancer bracelet, you are saying you know all of these and that you are a part of that struggle. That is the significance of the prostate form of cancer awareness bracelet.

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