Ways Wife and others Can Help Husband after Prostate Cancer Surgery

Yes, there are ways that a wife can help her husband after prostate cancer surgery. In fact, not only the wife but all his friends and relatives can also help him. One of the best ways, as far as I am concerned, is for them to be VERY POSITIVE minded when they are around him, including the wife. You see, if you are a prostate cancer sufferer, the people to absolutely stay away from are NEGATIVE people. No matter what you do, you should do everything within your power to avoid such people. There are people who see the worst in any situation, no matter how juicy it might be.

These are the kind of negative people that you should stay away from when diagnosed with this or any other type of cancer. Such people are cancers themselves and they will only spread the “negativity tumor” to your entire body and even lead to a far quicker death than what might have been. If you are a wife of a prostate cancer sufferer, whether he has just undergone surgery or not, you should ALWAYS be very positive when you are with him. This will help a great deal. 

Again, as a prostate cancer sufferer, the kind of people you should surround yourself with are the POSITIVE people. No matter what you do, you should do everything within your power to stay around such people. These are the people who see the BEST in any situation, no matter how terrible it might be. Such positive people spread the “positivity energy” that have the capacity to spread to your entire body to ignite all that is good within you, and help you stay alive. I might sound philosophical or poetic, but I am telling you a statement of fact.

There are lots of people that have survived the worst kind of medical condition and who say the positivity of their wives, friends, family and well wishers that were around them helped them to survive the condition. This should convince you of the awesome power of positive vibes from good and positive people. When such positive people are in a room, the room is usually filled with only positive energy, which affects every other person positively.

So – as a prostate cancer victim, you should get rid of those negative people that are around you or anyone you know that has prostate cancer, whether they are your wife or not. You and/or them don’t need such negative and infections people. Instead, they need positive and hopeful people that will help them stay alive from prostate and other types of cancer.

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