Sex with Prostate Cancer – Is Anal Sex a Viable Possibility?

Whether you want to learn about anal sex and prostate cancer, green light prostate surgery anal intercourse or even anal sex after radical prostate surgery, this article will help as it looks closely at anal sex as regards this condition.

It’s ok to be concerned about how your sexual life can remain active even when you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. After all, this is a disease that very actively poses an adverse threat to any kind of sexual activity that you might engage in. By itself, prostate disease can result in pain and bleeding while urinating and during sexual intercourse, and may even cause erectile dysfunction in some patients when the pain and blockage of the urethra reaches a certain point as a result of prostate enlargement.

To make matters even more complicated, several of the available treatments for this cancerous tumor also tend to cause impotence as a side effect. Radical Prostatectomy, even though considered one of the best remedies for prostate malignant tumor, can cause sufficient damage to the nerves and vessels in the prostate area that contribute to erection and sexual function. Radiation therapy also carries the significant risk of damage to the cells in the genital region that contribute to the production of semen and aid in sexual activity. Even cryosurgery, believed to foster surer positive results than most other treatments for prostate cancer, still yields impotence up to ninety percent of the time.

Sure, you do have reason to be concerned about what happens to you and to your sexual life once you have been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. What I want to tell you is that it is totally possible to still have sex in spite of the unfavorable health verdict. To start with, penal sensation is hardly tampered with in whatever treatment you undergo to have the carcinoma taken care of. In addition, the ability to achieve orgasm is still intact notwithstanding the therapy; what you may have suffered from as a result of the treatment is some degree of loss of your ability to achieve erection and also to ejaculate.

To manage these problems, you should talk to your doctor about how sildenafil might come in handy. Sildenafil is an FDA approved drug for the treatment of impotence in men; known better by its trade name Viagra in the United States, it works by slowing the rate of blood flow out of the penis, keeping your erection intact enough for intercourse. Also helpful in similar regard are tadalafil, or Cialis, and vardenafil (Levitra).

Anal sex is totally possible too, even for a man who is being treated for prostate cancer; especially if he is being treated with radiation therapy, in which the side effects fade also as the radiation proctitis wears off in the patient. A lot obviously depends on the degree of damage that is done to the genitals during prostate kind of cancer intervention. What counts is for the doctor to ensure that they catch the disease and ensure that it does not relapse anytime soon, so as to maintain the health of the penis and the overall health of the patient. As such, the earlier they are able to get a diagnosis, the better for you.

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