Radical Prostatectomy And Erectile Dysfunction

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Radical prostatectomy is the term for the surgical removal of a prostate cancer victim’s prostate gland. This is a method of treating prostate cancer that seems to work for lots of cases. And yes, as you thought – this method completely removes your prostate surgically, as well as other nearby lymph nodes.

This method works as a cure of prostate cancer for lots of people, but is mostly effective as a cure if the cancer hasn’t spread outside the prostate to other parts of the body. 

Apart from bladder control problems (which can also be called urinary incontinence) one other major side effect of radical prostatectomy is Erectile dysfunction. Lots of people that had this procedure say they suffered from erectile dysfunction. This happens because the nerves around both side sof the prostate which control erections usually gets damaged or even removed in the process of the surgery. 

But if you are younger than 50 years, it’s said that there’s a chance that you can achieve erections again. But does that mean if you are above 60 or more years you can never achieve erections? Not at all. There are cases of men over 70 years who were able to maintain their normal sexual functioning even after this radical prostatectomy surgery. So – you just might be one of such men.

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