Prostate Cancer Patient – How To Live With And Manage A Patient Suffering From Cancer of The Prostate

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How bad can it be? The guy is old and past his prime; it’s not like he needs the sex, or like he can seriously satisfy me in bed anyway. Even with the little blue pills, there is bound to still be something to be desired if we go at it; and after all, the doctor says that prostate cancer usually develops at such a slow pace that the chances are that the old man will die of a heart attack, or some other natural cause first before the prostate can get him. So what’s the big deal? He’s had a fulfilling life; it’s time to let go, so let go!

It’s easy to think things like the above when you are not on the receiving end of stick, you know. What could there be too it when prostate cancer is often age specific and hangs unto dudes who are into their sixties, seventies, and eighties? Since they really don’t have that much left to offer, they should stop whining and just let it be.

But prostate cancer does not work like that – no kind of cancer does. You tell me how it feels when you know that there is something growing inside of you that is no longer a part of you; something that is killing you and would probably get the better of you before nature does. You tell me how it feels if each time you have to go to the gents’ – or ladies’ – you could be there for long minutes, feeling the burn but not see the urine come out; how it would feel if when the urine does come you can see it stained with blood.

You don’t feel the sex drive all the time, but when you do, you sincerely want to find a partner who feels the same way and does not mind doing it with you – except that now you dread the act because each time you ejaculate, the pain is so blinding that you are sure you’ll never do it again. Think about it, what if you were the woman and you wanted to be faithful to you man, but he was in so much pain each time you do that he never wants to do it again, even though he wants it.

These are only a few of the many symptoms of prostate cancer that there are, and already you can see how devastating they can be, even if you are getting the right kind of treatment. And then, there are the symptoms and side effects of prostate cancer treatments to deal with also, which could affect you in their own way.

Living with a prostate cancer patient can be one of the worst and most physically, morally, and psychologically debilitating experiences any human being could ever have. Take the time to have a chat with spouses of prostate cancer patients, and you could learn a lot about what they have to go through, what they have to deal with, and the unanswered questions that they ask all the time, and if you have answers to any of those questions, why don’t you join any of the teeming online forums of discussion of prostate cancer patients, their spouses and families, and all of that, and provide the answers that they need?

Listen, this is how it works: you may be dreading it or you may be living it, but you are not alone; even if you are contemptuous of it, there are others just like you who need specific answers, and you should put yourself in the position to ask your questions and get the answers that are so critical to making your life worthwhile in spite of a disease who’s symptoms and metastasis could be the end of you.

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