Prostate Cancer and Sex – No Sex with Prostate Cancer?

There is no denying the fact that aside from the fear of death, and of pain, and of lowering the quality of life, one of the greatest fears that most men entertain when they are diagnosed with or at increased risk of prostate cancer is that they may never again be able to have sex!

Well they have good reason to be afraid then because their fears are very well founded. Not only does prostate cancer cause such awful symptoms as pain in urination, and difficulty starting and steady maintaining a stream of urine, and frequent urination, and increased urination at night, and blood in the urine, and urinary dysfunction, but the syndrome is also associated with a string of symptoms that happen also the affect sexual performance. The problems caused with sexual function and performance may include difficulty achieving erection, and painful ejaculation, not to mention blood in semen, and possibly even erectile dysfunction.

And as though that were not enough, even the treatments proffered by the medical community for treating prostate cancer do not even come close to offering assurance of restoration of potency. As a matter of fact, many course of prostate cancer intervention have impotence as a side effect? most of the time.

Hormonal therapy requires the suppression of testosterone production in the male body, which eventually leads to a significant decline in sex drive; radiation therapy tends to cause impotence by itself most of the time, and even the best and safest form of surgery, arguably the best line of defense against prostate cancer, causes impotence a depressing ninety percent of the time.

No sex with prostate cancer

It is a reality that a lot of American men live with day in and out. Considering that prostate cancer is the most common non skin cancer among men in the United States, and that there are close to three hundred thousand men freshly diagnosed with the disease each year (and the numbers keep climbing too, due to increased incidence for some poorly understood reason), one might just have a clue an idea of how many men in the United States today live with some form of impotence.

Some people might say that the worst part of being impotent as a result of prostate cancer treatment is the fact that penile sensation and the ability to attain orgasm remain intact, yet ejaculation and erectile function are impaired. Some others would even have opted out of treatment if they could be assured that the slow growing carcinoma of the prostate gland will not catch up with them before something else ? something natural ? does.

While some people insist that there is no sex with prostate cancer for them? but there are some who say they still have sex after prostate cancer. Viagra, known as the best cure for erectile dysfunction, only has limited success against impotence caused by prostate cancer surgery. But I suppose that is better than nothing at all. Besides, there are still lots of researches that are going on to improve the spate of prostate cancer remedies in the world. One of them is sure to provide a way out for sex after prostate removal surgery. It’s just a matter of time.

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