Prostate Cancer And Sex – Important Facts Many Don’t Know

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Once a man receives a prostate cancer diagnosis his life changes inexorably. Whatever else happens to him from that point on, it is going to be influenced in some way by the fact that many men die of prostate cancer every year, and he may be one of them soon. On its own, the knowledge can have a rather devastating effect; but getting past the knowledge of the disease and the thoughts that comes with it, one should get to the part of thinking about the condition itself, and the complications that come with it.

Either way, one of the most impacted parts of a man’s life when he has a brush with prostate cancer is his sex life. Prostate cancer is a disease that has many symptoms that are associated with urinary dysfunction and problems with sexual function and performance. Besides frequent urination, increased urination at night, difficulty starting and maintaining a steady stream of urine, blood in the urine, and painful urination, other issues that arise are difficulty achieving erection or painful ejaculation, the kinds of things that will keep a man from even wanting to engage in sexual intercourse in the first place. Understandably, even if the man never underwent any treatment for prostate cancer, he may experience a decreased libido during the course of his suffering.

Another problem comes from most of the known treatments for prostate cancer. Anyhow it goes, these treatments all have side effects that may not be very palatable for the patient, most notably impotence, or loss off the ability to achieve an erection. Most prostate cancer treatments cause the patient some damage to the nerves that aid in the process of an erection, especially prostatectomy and radiation therapy.

It is almost inevitable because of the proximity of the said nerves to the prostate gland. They line the sides of the organ such that getting past them to get to the prostate constitutes a problem. Surgeons use never sparring to try and limit this damage, but it does not work all the time – it certainly does not work when the offending tumor is too close to the nerves in question.

There are a few miracle instances when damage to the ability to achieve an erection is simply not there, or when the patient sometimes just recovers without clear explanation, but many men only recover a small portion of erectile function after such a treatment. Those who intend to still have sex will have to do it with the aid of VED pumps, injections to the side of the penis, and Viagra or Cialis. They help to regain some semblance of potency.

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