Post Prostate Cancer Surgery Orgasms – Orgasming After Prostatectomy

It is a bleak thought for most people when they consider life after prostatectomy. No longer much of a secret at this time, most men in the United States are fully aware that their sexual life is compromised by the surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland, during which the nerves that control erection are damaged in some way, most times irreparably. A concern that they generally have also is if they would ever again be able to father a child…

For the record, after a radical prostatectomy, the entire prostate is gone, meaning that no more prostate fluid is being produced. The prostate fluid is the substance produced by this organ which makes up most of the liquid part of the semen that is discharged during sexual orgasm. The sensory neurons in the region are still intact, as a matter of fact, so that penile sensation has not gone anywhere; contrary to certain popular beliefs, the ability to achieve an orgasm has not gone anywhere either. What has suffered is the ability to achieve an erection, and yes, painfully the ability to ejaculate. With the prostate fluid out of the way, there isn’t much to carry the sperm on their way out from the testicles – if the testicles are still in position and not removed for some form of hormonal therapy… 

Post prostate cancer surgery orgasms, according to reports by those who have experienced it – and still are experiencing it – are some of the most intense experiences that a man may ever go through. The strength and concentration of the experience may fade with frequency after the first occurrence, but they generally seem to remain a lot more forceful than previous ones before the operation, if reports are to be believed.

Most men certainly desire the pleasure of the seeing the creamy white ejaculate springing out of the penis at the time that they orgasm, but that is not likely to be. There of course is the lubrication fluid from the cowper’s glands that generally comes before the act of sexual intercourse, and may in certain cases be sustained through to the end of the copulation, but it generally is nowhere near the quality of good old fashioned semen.

In order to achieve an erection in this phase of a man’s life, he may have to rely heavily on little blue pills Viagra, of Levitra, or Cialis. VED vacuum pumps also help a great deal, although they will have to be helped by a cord to band tied around the base of the penis to keep the blood from flowing back out. Otherwise, the man may go with the penile injections option to achieve a semblance of potency. But as for the ejaculate at orgasm, if it is prolonged or anything of that sort, it is likely just urine from the bladder.

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