Post Prostate Cancer Surgery And Sex – What Most People Don’t Know

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Prostate cancer: the words alone stir up some awe and fear in many men in the United States; women are not much spared either – they are the ones who have to pick up the pieces if the man dies, or live with him in the aftermath if he does not. A confirmation of the diagnosis of this disease alone is an inexorably life changing and earth shattering reality that precursors at least a few moments of depression and compensation, if not an entire lifetime.

Complicating matters is the fact that most of the prostate cancer treatments that there are have side effects and contraindications that few people if any are proud to have to live with. Take the Prostate Cancer Surgery for instance; during the procedure the entire prostate gland is more or less inevitably removed in order to take out the tumor growing within it entirely. This organ produces the most part of the fluid in semen, so that without much ado, there is a foreboding understanding that the man may never again produce semen; thus leading to impotency in many cases.

Life and sex post prostate cancer surgery is a case study, but one that is not difficult to deal with considering the number of people who are diagnosed with the disease annually. More than two hundred thousand men get the ill news each year, and immediately they know that if they are going for the radical prostatectomy, they might never again be able to have sex – at least not in the good old way.

Besides the loss of continence that results from the procedure, all men who have undergone a prostate cancer surgery have to deal with impotence… at least for a while if things turn out rather well, which they are not likely to. The nerves that control erection are so close to the prostate gland that operating on the organ will harm them in some way, so that man may not be able to achieve and erection again.

Some men over the course of time recover some degree of potency, but it is often nowhere near what they used to have; for the most part, many men report that they have to do it with the aid of Viagra or Levitra, or some other such drug that helps to deal with impotence. Other men say it’s the penile injection for them; and some say it’s the vacuum penis enlargement pumps.

Considering the fact that penile sensation, libido, and the ability to achieve an orgasm generally remain intact after a prostatectomy, it is understood how erectile dysfunction can be tortuous for a man. Realizing that he might never again have any ejaculate after sex might be tumultuous for a man’s mind. But consider this: virtually millions of American men live with this even this moment… and they still find some purpose in life, even in the absence of sex the good old way.

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