Living With Prostate Cancer – Sex After Surgery

You are not alone; I was there too. Heck, I’m still there even right now; and there are days when I look down at my limp member and wish I did not have to rely so much on the medications to be able to get it up, but this is not one of those days.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly killed by all by itself. Even though the doctor ran me through a list of treatment options and specifically told me that I was in luck because they were able to diagnose the disease in its earliest stages, the last thing I felt that day was lucky, and I totally did not hear a word of what was said in the oncologist’s office before I turned and walked slowly out as though in a trance.

I had a car crash that day, only ten minutes later, just before I got home. I was still dazed and clueless as I drove, and I didn’t see the little boy on the road until it was almost too late. I swerved and missed him narrowly, but I did end up in with my Honda Accord wrapped around a lamppost; or was it the other way round? For some reason, I did not have scratch on me, or else it would have complicated matters. I ended up back in the same hospital, spent the night in admission, and it was in the morning when I was about to head on back home that I now finally was able to hear what the doctor had to say about my condition.

The malignancy was still growing and might take several years before it started to metastasize. Right now, they could catch it with some hormonal therapy for a couple of weeks, some radiation therapy shortly afterwards, and finally some surgery, and I would be as good as cured.

Cured? Surely, that could hardly be true. But the oncologist took one look at me and paged a urologist who came in and confirmed the prognosis. I was only just over fifty years old and with a few lifestyle changes, a brand new diet, and some exercise, the carcinoma might never again find itself to my prostate. A couple of months later, I had the surgery and then I started to live with the reality of the side effects of a laparoscopic prostatectomy.

I still had some good sensation down there and I was still able to achieve orgasm, but my ability to achieve erection was seriously impaired, as was my ejaculation. I was never going to be able to have sex again!

But I was only panicking. After a word with my doctors, I was given a referral and eventually ended up with another doctor who soon had me on the little blue pill. Sure you know it – it’s Viagra. Viagra and Cidafil actually are medications that cure impotence, and they did it for me; they still do. I think about the fact that I can never make babies again from time to time, but I am glad that I already have two big boys who are both halfway through college. At fifty eight now, six years after prostate cancer surgery I can still have sex.

Plus, Harriet called me just a few minutes ago and said she might be pregnant with my baby! My baby! Sure, there are days when I look down at my limp member and wish I did not have to rely so much on the medications to be able to get it up, but this is not one of those days. I just had to get me the results of that paternity test first.

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