Impotence after Prostate Cancer Treatment

Lots of people are always asking whether impotence after prostate cancer treatment must happen to them. If you are one of such people, I have good news for you. It’s not always the case that you will suffer impotence of erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment. There are lots of people that have successfully maintained their sex lives after prostate problems treatment.

You see, not all the prostate cancer treatments affect the sexual capabilities of victims. And for those that DO affect the sexual tendencies of victims after the treatment, it’s not in EVERY case that they affect the victims.

There are victims that had the treatments, but were able to maintain a healthy and normal sex life. It’s true that it can affect your sexual potency but it’s also true that it might not. It all depends on the treatment, whether it’s radical prostatectomy or not. And yes, there are people who were able to still maintain their erection after the prostate treatments.

You can opt for the other more advanced treatments that have better results in terms of affecting the sexual tendencies of the victims. And with the more researches and advancements made in this subject, who knows – we just might get to the point that every victim can undergo the treatments without ANY negative effect on their erectile abilities.

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